This Browser Extension Suggests More Ethical Ways to Shop

published Dec 2, 2016
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(Image credit: The Root Collective)

Searching online for a company that offers quality products and also aligns with your personal values can oftentimes be an arduous task. It’s tempting to abandon the quest for that pair of eco-friendly jeans from a brand that contributes to saving the whales and manufactures durable denim that perfectly matches your new jacket, but the free browser extension DoneGood is here to relieve online shoppers of ethics-driven angst.

According to Co.Exist, the new techie tool is the brainchild of DoneGood CEO Cullen Schwarz and co-founder Scott Jacobson, who are determined to make it easier for shoppers to connect with smaller and mid-sized ethical and sustainable companies that don’t have as much visibility on Google or Amazon as their larger counterparts.

Once installed, the extension highlights sustainable companies in the search results and automatically recommends similar options when users browse large brand sites. To ensure the browser extension recommends companies that meet the mark, DoneGood combines independent certifications and research.

“A lot of big companies have gotten really good at cranking out a ton of cheap, low-quality stuff that breaks down quickly,” Schwarz said. “DoneGood companies are making unique, high-quality products that are built to last.”

(Image credit: Done Good)

Just in time for the barrage of Cyber Monday shoppers, DoneGood became available to the public on Nov. 28, along with a corresponding app (currently available on iOS; Android coming soon) that gives users the ability to search products in conjunction with values that match particular ethical and sustainability criteria.

Honestly, DoneGood sounds like the perfect way to finally get some use out of that powerful productivity browser extension you installed before this godforsaken search for denim took over your life.