This Detroit Fixer Upper Is Basically a Timeline of Wallpaper Trends

published Sep 16, 2017
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Whether you love or hate wallpaper, you’ll surely have a reaction to this house. The sheer variety of styles in this Detroit home for sale is impressive, to say the least. And it can all be yours for the bargain price of $239,000.

But seriously, they say wallpaper is making a comeback, however the totally-over-the-top mix of wallpapers in this home for sale in Detroit’s historic Woodbridge neighborhood sure aren’t helping the cause. The house is quite literally covered in wallpaper (even the kitchen appears to have a wallpaper backsplash). A look at the home’s real estate photos reveals there are only two spaces that are totally free of the decorative material: the attic and the basement.

If loving wallpaper is wrong this house doesn’t wanna be right.

There are wallpaper styles from various decades of the home’s 100-plus years of existence. A tour through the home is like the design equivalent to counting the rings of a tree. Several damask wallpapers cover the entryway, bedroom, and entry closet. Damask, a popular pattern of the Victorian era, is a fitting choice for this home located in a historic neighborhood made up primarily of Victorian houses. If these damask wallpapers aren’t original to the home, they are certainly in keeping with its period style.

Surely you can’t miss grandma’s lovely pink floral wallpaper in the dining room. Or the brown, ultra mod geometric wallpaper on the stairway. Groovy. In the sitting room, there’s a pink and brown avian themed wallpaper that is oddly hypnotic. Not to be outdone, the home’s upstairs features a heavy dose of awesomely cheesy ’90s style florals.

The real wallpaper pièce de résistance is the tropical island mural covering an entire wall in one of the bedrooms. It’s the wallpaper that turns any bedroom into an instant vacation paradise. Pass the piña coladas, please.

The Detroit home is available through Historic Realty for $239,000.