This DIY Desk Stand Displays All Your Apple Gear at Once

It’s so polished, you’d think this was a release from Apple itself. But no: The “Polyply,” as you see here, was crafted at home by a college art student. What does it do? Well—if you’re a Mac addict who’s struggling with how to display all your iGear on your desk without cluttering it up—it does just about everything.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This perfect piece of handcrafted beauty was created by Andrew Kim, an art student in LA and the guy behind the Minimally Minimal blog.

With a need for one stand-alone display to hold his iPad, iPhone, iPod classic and a touch stylus, Kim created the PolyPly. It was completed in only two weeks, using a laser cutter to cut acrylic plastic and birch.

The PolyPly stand holds everything with a thin profile and the ability to tilt the stand to two angles for easy viewing. Best of all? It’s designed so that you can keep on charging your Gear while it’s in its holster. All we need to know now is how much cash we need to raise to get this project off the ground. Anyone else down for a PolyPly bake sale?

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