This Doubly Creepy Coffin-Shaped Candle Melts to Reveal a Skeleton Inside

published Oct 12, 2019
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We love a good Halloween gag, and this one is equal parts fun and creepy. Etsy shop Creepy Candles is selling a candle that looks like a black coffin, then melts to reveal a skeleton inside.

At 11 inches tall, this is a pretty huge candle, big enough to command the attention it deserves at your Halloween party. Even before it reveals its secret, the candle makes a perfect spooky decoration. Both the shape of the coffin and the script used to spell “R.I.P.” across its front evoke campy, old-school, black-and-white horror movies. This is the kind of coffin we can picture bursting out of the ground in a cemetery, signaling the rise of the undead.

As the candle burns, the skeleton looks dramatic through a curtain of flames. Even the gathering wax at the base of the candle has an ominous quality.

Once the wax melts away, you’ll be left with a metal skeleton, which you use again next Halloween — or year-round, if you’re a Helena from The Great British Baking Show-type.

If you’re into the skeleton candle, Creepy Candles has more where it came from. The candle-makers are dedicated to all things horror. Take it from their Etsy bio:

“Death can be quite inspiring. Surrounding ourselves with any proof of mortality reminds us to live to the fullest and never take life for granted. This fascination is what started Creepy Candles. We wanted to make a form of art that we could reproduce and provide amongst all who share the same fascinations … To be able to create these candles allows us to give life to something tangible. If only Dr. Frankenstein would have been satisfied with creating candles instead!”

In addition to the skeleton candles, they also currently sell a bleeding hand candle, and a candle that looks like a segment of human spine.