This Folding Mobile House Builds Itself In 10 Minutes

published Jul 23, 2017
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One company’s forward-thinking design represents a streamlined approach to the concept of “pack up and go.”

In an apparent effort to reduce the number of people who lose their minds while moving, UK-based Ten Fold Engineering created a modular folding house that can build and deconstruct itself without the assistance of machinery or manual labor, an incredible feat that can be accomplished in only 10 minutes.

The very first structure of its kind, the self-deployable, relocatable folding house builds itself with the simple push of a button, expanding to three times its compacted size. The internal fixtures come completely installed and can be arranged to suit the occupant’s needs. Color-coded levers have specific functions to ease the process of expansion (green levers go down; blue levers go up), like serving as the support for the structure’s unfolding floor and side wall.

Sizes vary by the model. For example, the TF-64 folding house measures 30 feet long, 8 feet wide and 10 feet high.

Additionally, Ten Fold touts the sturdiness of the folding house due to its construction method which makes the steel structure resistant to damage from natural forces. Despite its heavy tonnage, the folding house can be moved repeatedly and is even equipped to function off the grid or in conjunction with water treatment systems and various types of power systems, including solar power, fuel cells, generators and batteries. Showers and bathrooms can either be installed inside the unit or constructed in an attached module.

Living up to its mobile nature, the tenfold structures can be moved repeatedly with ease. The owner’s sole responsibility is loading the structure onto a truck for transportation.

Ten Fold views the folding house as a viable alternative for mobile houses, shops, exhibitions, restaurants, clinics and schools, while we could see it contributing to a boom in pop-up shops.

Prices for Ten Fold’s innovative self-expanding units start at $129,000.