This Goop Editor Has the Organic Bathroom of Our Dreams

published Sep 16, 2017
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(Image credit: via Into The Gloss)

Love goop or hate goop, there’s no denying that Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle site is run by a team of cool/stylish/industry heavyweight editors, whose lives are equally enviable or eye-roll inducing, your call. Me? I’m a fan — and in today’s episode of “I want to go to there,” goop beauty editor Jean Godfrey-June inadvertently reveals her bathroom aesthetic to be top notch.

(Image credit: via Into The Gloss)

We spotted the overgrown greenhouse meets high-low tchotchkes and unexpected pops of color vibe over on Into the Gloss, and it’s decidedly relaxed and unfussy. It’s precisely the kind of ambiance you want as you prep for (and unwind from) the day. So, if you’re feeling it as much as I am, take note — here are five ways to recreate Godfrey-June’s bathroom haven without totally drinking the goop Kool-Aid.

(Image credit: Tom Dixon)

1. Set the mood

Godfrey-June does so with a beautiful dip-dyed Diptyque 34 Collection candle. Follow suit or opt for something equally eye-catching. Porto Claus’ Portuguese Diamond architecture-inspired candle ($75), Byredo’s sleek black-and-white candle ($80), and Tom Dixon’s over-the-top set of mixed-material containers ($230) are almost too pretty to set flame to.

(Image credit: Zara Home)

2. Collect (and use) mismatched trays

I’d like to think this is best “executed” over time — where the combination of world travels and your 3,723th trip to Target have yielded a nice little collection of mismatched jewelry trays, holders, and catch-alls. If you need a starting point, though, look no further than Concrete Cat’s psychedelic holder ($90), Hay’s geo-trays in every color of the rainbow ($16), Urban Outfitter’s marble catch-all ($26), and Zara’s iridescent, shell-like tray ($30).

3. Go plant-wild!

And don’t limit yourself to the fiddle leaf fig. I love a good fiddle leaf fig as much as the next person, but there is a whole world of indoor plant greenery waiting — begging! — to be explored. Whether your space is large or small, peep these beauties: a money tree, indoor yucca plant, snake plant, ficus tree, and rubber plant will provide the lush, low-maintenance jungle vibe your bathroom deserves without taking up much room.

(Image credit: via Into The Gloss)

4. Have fun with your drawer and shelf liners

Pops of print and color are fun, especially when you least expect to see ’em jump out at you. I love that Godfrey-June lines her bathroom drawers with high-contrast contact paper — a welcomed textural accent every time you go to grab your hairbrush/makeup/moisturizer, etc. Try Krane Wallpaper’s chrysanthemum print, DwellStudio’s marble design, Con-Tact’s batik print, or Houzz’s tortoise print.

5. Don’t box yourself into a traditional bathroom mat

Not to say that bath mats should be abolished (they do serve a purpose after all), but I love the look and feel of the less-traditional runner instead. Godfrey-June opted for a vintage-looking Persian runner, which adds color, texture, and movement to her all-white bathroom. Here’s a few runners I’m lusting after: this Zelda Kilim runner ($89), H&M modern pink-and-gray runner ($50), and this Solum rug ($44).

Now, all I need is a Moon Juice Brain Dust almond-milk latté and my morning bathroom routine is set.