This House Will Terrify You More Than Any Scary Movie

published Oct 13, 2016
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From the outside it’s not…un-normal. (Image credit: via Trulia)

It’s October, the month where anything can scare the crap out of you—even homes for sale. While we’re no stranger to terrible real estate photos, but this Connecticut house is a whole new level. It may look mostly normal on the outside, but the inside is giving me part Grey Gardens, part exploded craft store, with a dash of creepy doll.

The only description included in the listing is as follows: “Unique one of a kind finishing completed by a professional!” It’s definitely unique, though some might also describe it as “a metallic puffy paint recreation of Dexter’s kill room” as it covers much of the home’s surfaces. It’s on the kitchen cabinets, furniture, window frames, fireplace, and even the stairs.

The strangeness of this five bedroom, four bath home doesn’t stop there: a hallway has nailed-down squares of fabric on the wood floors; there’s a creepy freestanding arch/bench in a bedroom oh and also a half door; the dining room has green and red sponge painting and a room divider made of strange ladders that appear to have tiny cafe curtains on each rung; and let’s not even talk about whatever that is to the left of the fireplace. Pretty sure I’ve found the location of where I’ll be murdered in every single nightmare from now until eternity.

If you’d like it to haunt your waking hours, the house is asking $339,900.

h/t Gothamist