This Indoor Smart Garden Snaps Together Like LEGO Blocks

updated Jul 18, 2020
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When it comes to all the excuses you might be using to put off gardening, having limited or non-existent outdoor space is no longer going to cut it. There are endless options for indoor gardening in small spaces, so put that green thumb to work already, will ya? To get you started, we’ve found the perfect planting inspiration in LeGrow, a LEGO-like modular garden that is both succinct and smart.

Inspired by his 3-year-old daughter playing with her favorite toy blocks, Chinese industrial designer Haobin Lin invented these sleek cube-shaped planters that enable greenery to effortlessly thrive in an indoor environment. Each pot fits together like LEGO blocks, giving the gardener a variety of stacking options to suit their personal design tastes. The cubes can either be grouped together to form a single garden or separated to serve as a multiple mini-gardens.

“The Lego-like design has the added benefit of fitting into smaller spaces like our apartment,” Lin said of his smart modular planting system. “However, it also provides flexibility, so that my daughter can move and expand her garden as she grows. Once I began to design the pot I realized that this garden could be so much more.”

(Image credit: LeGrow)

Touted as a “complete indoor garden ecosystem,” the minimalist blocks are supported by an internal water reservoir complete with elevated ventilation that allows for spillage-free draining, reduced soil escape and an extended time between plant watering. The modular planting system also comes with a built-in, two-bulb LED grow lamp and a 360-degree diffusing mist humidifier to ensure that the air is sufficiently moist for prime plant growing. With the addition of a Power Pot that functions as a charging deck with four USB ports (that can also be purchased as a standalone), you’ve got yourself the ultimate easy garden idea to spruce up your home or workspace.

The LeGrow modular smart garden is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter for $34, which gets early bird backers the starter kit.

h/t 6sqft