This Instagram Account Is Entirely Dedicated to Dog Noses

published Oct 13, 2019
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In an endless sea of dedicated cat and dog Instagram accounts, it’s hard to pick favorites. Every sweet fur baby deserves at least a score of 11/10, as We Rate Dogs knows. But some accounts stand out for creativity and sheer dedication to the oddly specific bit, like Boop My Nose, an entire Instagram account dedicated to the adorable noses of dogs (plus the occasional cat and one photo-bombing duck).

Booping a dog nose through your phone screen is obviously not as rewarding as doing it in real life, but it’s probably the best play on Instagram’s double-tap-to-like feature we’ve ever seen. Even avowed Instagram lurkers will have a hard time resisting.

Photos on Boop My Nose are submitted by individual pet-owners and -appreciators, so if you think your dog has what it takes to be a snout model, you can use the hashtag #boopmynose for consideration. 

Boop My Nose also has an online shop featuring dog nose-themed hats, shirts, mugs, tote bags, and more. The site solicits submissions from graphic designers for collections, like Lainey Yehl’s rainbow noses and Dani Alva’s ice cream and lollipop ones

Scroll on for some of our favorite noses, though to be clear we think every single dog on the planet is a winner.

Fall-themed blep by an Alaskan Malamute:

Polka-dotted Australian Shepherd puppy nose:

Dachshund grimace:

A handsome Gordon Setter and its jowls:

This polar bear in disguise as a Golden Retriever:

What kind of dog are you, buddy?

An unlikely friendship between a ladybug and a Great Dane:

Two-for-one Cocker Spaniel boops:

All this and way more on @boopmynose on Instagram.