This Is What the Bedroom of Barb From Stranger Things Would Look Like

This Is What the Bedroom of Barb From Stranger Things Would Look Like

Meryl Williams
Mar 9, 2017

We never did get to see inside Barb's bedroom on Stranger Things. Luckily, there's a blog called Imagined Interiors that gave us the peek we've always wanted.

A.V. Club recently picked up on an incredibly detailed visual project by two Chicagoans who painstakingly create the "imagined interiors" of some of our favorite TV and film characters. In addition to Barb, we get to see the kitchen table of Melanie from Alfred Hitchcock's classic The Birds, and Libby Mae Brown's bathroom from Waiting for Guffman—and every detail is on point. I'm also appreciative of their fun captions, which accompany each image and explain why items were picked for these characters.

With only four posts so far, there's a ton of character-filled spaces out there left to recreate. Obviously, period pieces lend themselves well to this amazing project, so here's a short list of the shows and movies (and characters) I hope to see next:

(Image credit: AMC)

Mad Men

What would Joan's bathroom look like? I need more '60s-era interiors in front of my eyeballs immediately, and there's no one whose inner world I'm most eager to see than Joan's. Please note that I would also be willing to accept seeing any space of Trudy's.

(Image credit: NBC)

Freaks and Geeks

This NBC drama taking place in the '80s was ahead of its time and I'm still mourning its loss after a single, perfect season. Lindsay Weir is queen, but I would love to see the bedroom or bathroom of her less-adjusted best friend, Kim Kelly. Her flat iron has to go somewhere, and I want to see her sure-to-be-scattered collection of ink-black eyeliners.

(Image credit: Mirisch Corporation)

The Apartment

We see a ton of the apartment for which this 1960 movie is named, but what about Shirley MacLaine's character's pad? She is way more interesting than anyone else in this movie and I want to see the the closet in which this elevator girl keeps her rad wardrobe.

What characters' spaces would you really like to see created? Tell us in the comments.

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