This Monochromatic Hotel is Instagram Perfection, No Filter Necessary

updated Jul 18, 2020
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Black and white as a color palette says so much with so little: It’s high contrast and dramatic, yet timeless and chic. But we don’t have to tell Hotel Mono that—the Singapore destination has the look down. Everything is already in grayscale, no Instagram filter required.

No need to adjust your screens, the photos above are in “color.” Singapore’s Hotel Mono opened in March of this year, and everything is inside is modern and monochrome in black, white, and shades of gray (okay, there’s the occasional plant). Even the staff won’t be caught in an off brand hue.

The hotel was converted from what used to be six historical shop houses on the Lion City’s Mosque Street in its Chinatown neighborhood. The original Rococo windows belie the space’s minimal interior, where everything is sleek and streamlined. Designed by local studio Spacedge Designs, the property toes the line between the historical and the modern.

Each of Hotel Mono’s forty six rooms are different, though the things that connect them are the strict color palette and a black metal bar overhead, which functions as a light fixture, coat hanger, and design element. It probably comes as no surprise that each the bathrooms, a room that’s often more likely to be black and/or white, is both (though a scroll through their Instagram shows that at least one bathroom might be—gasp!—Millennial Pink!).

There are several room types, including a studio, twin, double, or family rooms. Within the average range for three star hotels in the city, singles start around $150 SGD (about $107 USD) and family accommodations—that’s 2 queen beds in a 25o square foot room—at $231 SGD (just under $170 USD).

We’d tell you to pack wisely, but as you surely already know, black and white goes with everything.

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