This Next: An online guide to stuff that people love

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Lists of things people love compiled by the people who love them (with pictures!). That pretty much sums up This

A few goodies: maki’s list of japanese snacks, oO’s personal robotics, aunt beep’s wall decor, loft3’s drink selections and Style Court’s list of green goods entitled “A Bit Jaded”.

If you see something you’d like to know more about on someone’s list you can just click through to the originating site. For example: The pic of the chartreuse urn (above) which is on stylecourt’s list is available from for $26.

It’s a fun site to click around in – we’re not sure how deep it goes, but we enjoyed exploring.

If you’d like to start your own list, add recommendations, or shopcast the sign up is free.

(Re-edited from a post originally published on 11.08.06)