This Real Life Weasley Clock Will Tell You Where Your Family Is

published Sep 22, 2017
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(Image credit: Eta Clock)

You’re not a true Potterhead until you’ve purchased at least one home décor item that reflects your obsession with the fantasy world of wizardry. Here to help you take your interior design tastes from meh to magical is this delightfully odd Weasley-inspired family clock, which is thisclose to hanging on your living room wall thanks to a Kickstarter campaign that seeks to recreate the wonky timepieces for the masses.

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

If you’ll recall, the original clock that hung in The Burrow – the Weasley’s towering, multi-chimneyed, cluttered yet warm and welcoming family home – bore nine hands that featured each of the faces of the Weasley family members. The clock alone was more unique and resourceful than anything crafted by the hands of Muggles; instead of merely displaying the time, it revealed the individual locations of the unwieldy bunch of redheaded relatives at any time of day or night, making it more than just your average time-teller.

(Image credit: Warner Bros)

According to Teen Vogue, DC Creatives are behind the real-life version of the wonderful Weasley family clock, and with an expected retail price of $500, you too can have the chance to mount it on the wall, somewhere between your framed copy of the famous Marauder’s Map and your latest wizard-inspired purchase from Pbteen’s Harry Potter collection.

(Image credit: Eta Clock)

Instead of magic, DC Creatives’ “Eta Clock” uses technology in the form of a smartphone app that connects to the clock’s analog display to broadcast individual locations. The hand-crafted clock is minimal in appearance: It features an oak plywood face engraved with 12 unique icons that represent destinations like school, work, gym, abroad and more. Its aluminum, multi-colored hands provide the whimsical finishing touches.

If we had to imagine how the kids from Harry Potter would decorate their homes as adults, the Eta clock would definitely make the list.

Learn more about the Eta clock on Kickstarter.