This Room Divider Turned Bar Is A Small Space Hero

published Sep 17, 2017
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(Image credit: Laurel Hwang)

For those of you who have a roommate who doubles as your drinking buddy, we’re willing to bet that you’d get plenty of use out of this room divider that turns into a bar table. Created by Tawainese designer Laurel Hwang, the multi-purpose piece named Plier simultaneously satisfies the need for privacy and socializing.

(Image credit: Laurel Hwang)

Hwang’s industrial furniture is designed to suit open floor plans and offers an inventive yet stylish way to divide small spaces. Hydraulic pistons housed inside of telescopic rods help to easily transform the translucent, flexible wall into a stand-up table that comfortably hosts six to eight people. Each panel features perforated aluminum sheets. The design also incorporates thin surface with lattice structures which allows for optimum support whether it’s in the table or screen position.

On what inspired her design, Hwang said, “Since the screen and bar table both has flat surfaces, combining these two into deformed furniture, changing the atmosphere turned out to be the main idea.”

(Image credit: Laurel Hwang)

Additionally, Plier represents Hwang’s effort to reduce environmental impact and promote in-person interaction between people.

The room divider-turned-bar table is available in three shades of gray with colored pipes. Hwang opted for bright hues because it easily blends with the environment and also appears less weighty.

Among Hwang’s other multi-purpose creations are her Cookid kitchen tool set that includes a mixing bowl and an anti-skid pad that turns into a container; Tepee, a matte ceramic coffee pot and mug set accompanied by a leather and iron dripping stand that together resemble the round tent for which its named; and Xris Xros, an eye-catching black and yellow 3D printed helmet with chin strap whose primary purpose is to protect while displaying Hwang’s unique “staggered and overlapping” 3D printing design technique.

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