This Sink Faucet Knows Your Face

This Sink Faucet Knows Your Face

Taryn Williford
Apr 21, 2009

In the house of the future, this gadget is the centerpiece of the washroom. The SmartFaucet does a lot for it's very techie—and most likely very rich—users, but the thing that makes it so special is the faucet's ability to recognize users' faces and tailor their favorite sink water settings.

From the Innovative House, or iHouse, the Smart faucet customizes your preferred water temperature and flow as soon as you walk up to it. The integrated LEDs in the tap light up from blue to red to visually show temperatures.

Controls for everything else, in true tech nerd fashion, are on a small touch-screen. That same screen can also show you the weather, your calendar and your emails, making sure you're never bored brushing your teeth again.

The faucet is just one part of Fadec, iHouse's face recognition home gizmo line. There's also a wall-mounted house remote control. With a 2.8" screen and camera, you can customize the air conditioning, lights and any other iHouse smart products (they've got a shower and tub, too) to each new face's preference.

[ Via Born Rich ]

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