Your Bed Makes Itself with this Smart Duvet Invention

published Dec 14, 2016
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(Image credit: Smartduvet)

We’ve dedicated quite a few posts over the years to making the bed, also declaring that it’s a habit you shouldn’t skip, even if you’re busy. But maybe you’re just never going to do it—for whatever reason—but you (or someone you live with) like the look of a put-together sleep space. Here’s a solution… other than someone else passive-aggressively tidying up after you.

(Image credit: Smartduvet)

SmartDuvet is a gridded insert that attaches to your current duvet, and inflates to fold the covers back into place. The device fits inside your duvet cover so it looks just like your normal bedding, save a small hose that attaches to the included air pump. You can even snap your top sheet to the SmartDuvet so that it goes along for the ride. Its connectors also align the duvet with the fitted sheet, so it’ll always be straight.

(Image credit: Smartduvet)

Using the SmartDuvet app, you can schedule your bed to make itself whenever you want, like when you’re at work and it’s already aired out. You won’t get the benefits of doing this habit, but you can enjoy that it’s done.

What do you think of this invention? (Let me know when someone invents smart sheets.)