A Stained Glass Cabin in the Woods

updated Jul 17, 2020
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Imagine a beautiful retreat that celebrates light, color and nature, all in one. Enter Glass Cabin, a creation handmade by stained glass artist Neile Cooper.

New Jersey based artist Neile Cooper had the idea for a little cabin in the woods where she could show off her stained glass craft. The result is Glass Cabin, a small structure in her backyard constructed almost entirely of reclaimed window frames and lumber decorated with her stunning artwork. Each of the dozens of glass panels features images of nature, such as birds, butterflies, geodes and crystals, flowers, plants, mushrooms, snails, spiderwebs, and insects.

It’s quite stunning in photos, and as you can imagine, must be pretty breathtaking in person when the sun is shining through the trees. Cooper filmed a video from inside the cabin that she posted to Instagram, and even on a rainy day, we’re in awe.

Cooper creates custom stained glass pieces, but also sells smaller items like sun catchers in her Etsy shop. She also creates jewelry from butterfly wings, a practice she began “over ten years ago when I found a monarch butterfly dead in my yard,” her About page says. “It was just so beautiful and so delicate so I wanted a way to preserve and keep it.”

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