This Unexpected, Old School Store Just Might Make Your New Favorite Sheets

published Feb 18, 2020
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Credit: Erin Derby

At the risk of sounding dramatic, a great pair of sheets is one of the most important purchases you can make for your home. We all spend a lot of time in bed, and stiff, scratchy sheets shouldn’t be another reason you’re tossing and turning. I mean, a good night’s sleep can improve your memory, bolster your attention span, and keep stress at bay. Thanks to a surge of direct-to-consumer companies, finding a pair of quality, affordable sheets has been easier than ever before. While everyone may have their favorite cool new brand, you can never have too many sheets. And I certainly didn’t think I’d find my new favorite at Land’s End. Yes, you read that correctly—that Land’s End of canvas tote bag and school uniform fame.

I know what you’re thinking: “Land’s End? Isn’t that a popular catalog?” That’s exactly what I thought when a group of people waxed poetic at a friend’s birthday party last month. As they raved about the brand’s quality and price point, I couldn’t help but wonder if Land’s End’s sheets were the Internet’s best-kept secret. So I ordered a pair of Land’s End’s Italian Percale sheets for review, and let’s just say I was not disappointed.

Made with cotton sourced from Mascioni, Italy, these sheets strike a happy medium between form and function. The cotton is tightly woven to withstand multiple laundry cycles, and it’s also OEKO-TEX-compliant, meaning it’s free of harmful levels of more than 300 substances, including formaldehyde. Upon taking the sheets out of their packaging, the first thing I noticed was how crisp they were. It makes sense: Percale’s standard one-over-one-under weave,  where the warp and weft threads criss-cross at right angles, makes this fabric super sturdy. But after a few nights sleeping on these sheets, I have to say this bedding has broken in perfectly, and yes, it’s worth the hype.

Simply put, these sheets remind me of hotel bedding—and in the best way possible. They’re soft but not too soft. They’re crisp but not stiff. But perhaps my favorite thing about these sheets is how cool they are. You see, I sleep really hot. More times than not, I wake up in a sweat. (I know, kinda gross.) While these sheets aren’t single-handedly regulating my sleeping temperature, their 100 percent cotton construction certainly helps.

You can also add a monogram to certain styles, if you’re into that kind of preppy chic look.