This Video Game’s Mission Is to Pet the Pup at the Party

published Aug 28, 2017
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(Image credit: Diana Liang)

Somehow, you managed to end up at a party where you don’t really know anyone. You shift your weight uncomfortably while you alternate scanning the room, pretending there’s something important on your phone, and picking at the pretzels. That is, until you hear a bark. There is a dog somewhere, and it is your mission to find it and pet it.

If that’s ever been you IRL, then you’ll be thrilled to know there is now a video game for that. Pet the Pup at the Party is a new indie game from developer Will Herring where your goal is to—you guessed it—pet as many pups as you can find at this house party. You have to weave around people and through a maze of rooms in the time allotted to find that good boy just waiting for a head pat.

(Image credit: Will Herring via Mashable)

In the game, you can talk to people, too, but since you’re being timed, you should be searching out snuggles with all the floofy doggos. There are a variety of different dogs (51 actually, and possibly one cat) that show up, so it also has a catch ’em all vibe, a la Pokémon or cat-themed app sensation Neko Atsume.

Herring talked with Mashable about how the game is also about dealing with anxiety. As someone with generalized anxiety, “I wanted to make a game that touched on the everyday act of dealing with it,” he said. “If I can ever make anything that helps someone along the way, then that’s really all I want to do.”

(Image credit: Will Herring)

And if you’re more of a cat person, don’t worry, Herring has a game for you, too: My Garbage Cat Wakes Me Up at 3AM Every Day. You’re the cat, and you knock stuff over until your human wakes up. Art imitating life for real.