This Weekend: Clear Out (and Make Over) a Cluttered or Boring Corner

This Weekend: Clear Out (and Make Over) a Cluttered or Boring Corner

Adrienne Breaux
Jun 13, 2015
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

If you've got any right angles in your home, chances are you probably have a corner or two. How do your corners look? Are they creatively decorated spots that add to the beauty and function of your home? Or are they boring (or worse, cluttered) spots that stick out like a sore thumb? This weekend, tackle the task of making over a corner that might need some attention.

This Weekend's Assignment:

Pick a cluttered, boring, empty or sad corner in any room and clean or spice it up!

Think about that corner. Which corner? You know, THAT corner. The one in your bedroom that's a catch-all for dirty clothes. The one in your living room that literally has only spider webs in it. The one in your dining room that somehow became a temporary-turned-permanent storage spot for junk. You can even pick a small corner like one in the kitchen or entryway that you can take from "just there" to "significantly changing my life for the better." Pick one corner you want to makeover and then follow the steps below to make it better.

1. Figure out what it is your corner needs
You can accomplish this step in one glance. You either have an incredibly empty, boring corner that needs something or you've got a corner that is filled with clutter. Then, decide what function you wish your corner performed. Stylish storage? A comfy place to relax and complete a task? Full of decorative elements that connect to the rest of the room so it doesn't feel so empty?

2. Strip down to essentials
If your corner is in the filled-to-the-brim bucket, tackle it like you might any organizing project: Take everything out of the corner first, then clean. Return any items that you don't want to be in the corner to their actual homes in your home.

3. Build up better
Taking the function you dreamed up above, begin to build back up your corner. Start by finding fresh display or storage options for any stuff you've got to have in your corner (due to room function or space constraints). Then DIY or buy any elements you need to add to your corner to fulfill your dream function.

Don't be afraid to shop your space for this. Bring in that chair in your bedroom you never use to a corner that gets killer natural light. DIY some corner shelves and add a collection to create a pretty display. Create a designed composition instead of a random arrangement of items. Get creative — but even just decluttering a messy corner counts! The links above can help give you some corner ideas.

Remember, as with all of our Weekend Projects, just do what you have the time and energy to do!

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Instagram user ivelovedyousolong shared on Instagram (with our #ATweekendproject hashtag) the awesome art project he tackled, inspired by our weekend project: Find Your Inner Artist. Great job! Looks awesome. And the total cost was only $30!

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