This Weekend: Get Clever to Create Some Extra Storage

This Weekend: Get Clever to Create Some Extra Storage

Adrienne Breaux
Apr 11, 2015
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Stuff sure seems to multiply around the house, doesn't it? Even if you stay on top of regularly decluttering your home, many of us still find ourselves needing (or wishing) that we had just a bit more storage. Not necessarily because we want to go out and buy more things to fill it up, but because it'd be nice for our existing stuff to have a little more space to spread out in — helping the whole home function better. This weekend, find some unused space in your home you can transform into extra storage.

This Weekend's Assignment:

Create useful and stylish storage by finding an unused spot in your home you can transform.

Maximizing the storage in your space is one of the best ways to keep down your clutter and keep up your sanity. And unless you've truly maxed out all the available storage space, chances are there is some pretty awesome storage space potential hiding in your home.

You could pull out the power tools to really build some extra storage space, or you could invest in storage tools you purchase — this Weekend Project can be tackled by any skill level for any size or type of home.

You can attack this Weekend Project two ways. One, you can start with something you really need to find storage for. Maybe it's extra clothes. Perhaps it's media or kitchen supplies. That can give you a hint of what kind of storage you need to create and where. Or, you can walk around your rooms and hunt out extra storage potential. Are there any shelves where you could incorporate under-shelf storage like simple hooks or drawers? What about any doorways that could use a shelf up high? Are your kitchen cabinets bare up top (and have room to add baskets)? Could you replace a piece of furniture with a DIY project that can hide storage?

It's important to remember that you want to approach this Weekend Project in the spirit of making more storage space so you have room to spread out and declutter the existing stuff you have already.

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And as with all of our Weekend Projects, this is about doing something pretty small that will better your home, bit by bit. So really think about how this assignment could transform your home for the better — and do as little or as much as you have time to do.

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