This Weekend: Revitalize a Room By Refreshing This Key Area

This Weekend: Revitalize a Room By Refreshing This Key Area

Adrienne Breaux
May 9, 2015
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Want one of your rooms to feel newer, fresher...revitalized? It doesn't take a whole new paint job, a DIY piece of furniture or even a brand new rug. You can have a noticeably large impact on the look and feel of a space by concentrating some design sense and style in one key area of a room. This weekend, get creative to make over a vignette!

This Weekend's Assignment:

Make over a vignette

Pick a vignette in one of your favorite rooms — your living room, an entryway, a bedroom or any other space you've transformed a combination of design elements into an eye-catching composition. Whether on a tabletop, in a corner or on a wall, pick a vignette that doesn't feel quite finished, could use a good cleaning or has had the exact same configuration for awhile. Even just a simple rearrangement will make the whole room feel a little bit newer. Follow the three steps below to refresh a vignette:

1. Start by completely disassembling your vignette
Take everything off the table or shelf or pull the objects down off your wall. Clean the surface your vignette lives on (with tools and cleaners that complement the material of the surface) and then also clean or dust the objects of your vignette.

2. Take an inventory of what you have, then make eliminations, substitutions or additions
You can start from scratch, or you can keep a key piece or two to be your anchor and starting point for your new vignette. Consider temporarily retiring a few pieces if you've noticed that your vignette had gotten cluttered. Shop the rest of your space to move a favorite object from another room to this new prominent vignette. Get creative by using found objects in new ways (like hanging something from the ceiling) or use this opportunity to weave in new purchases or thrift finds in a way that will feel cohesive (and not just like you stuck something in there last minute).

3. Create a new arrangement of objects
Did your last vignette feature one tall object surrounded by low elements? A large central object flanked by two smaller pieces? Shake up the formula of this vignette, even if it's just flip flopping an off-center arrangement to the opposite configuration. Follow advice in the links above to experiment with different design principles to produce different moods in your new vignette (that just might transfer to the rest of your room).

Remember, as with all of our Weekend Projects, just do what you have the time and energy to do! Even just dusting a vignette will have a small effect on a room — you don't have to redo every vignette in your home to make an impact!

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