This Weekend: Clean Out and Maximize Small, Existing Storage

This Weekend: Clean Out and Maximize Small, Existing Storage

Adrienne Breaux
Apr 25, 2015
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Calling dwellers of small spaces, big spaces, narrow spaces, tall spaces — ALL spaces: This weekend take just a little bit of time to make your home better and your life easier by zooming in on a small, overflowing storage spot and using smart tools to make it over (or maximize it). We've rounded up some simple tips and great advice.

This Weekend's Assignment:

Make over and maximize existing storage you already have

A couple of weekends ago we asked you to get creative to create storage in an empty spot in your home (where there previously was only unused space). This weekend we're asking you to look at some existing small storage you've already got in your space...and figure out how you can make it a little nicer today.

Whether that's a kitchen drawer, a desk drawer, a shelf, one spot in your pantry, a storage box under your bed or above your desk, a dresser drawer, a basket in the corner of a room or more, you might have one spot in your home that you intended to use for smart storage but that's gotten a little out of hand. Taming one small storage spot is a great use of a little weekend time. Get creative! Maybe it's your medicine cabinet. Maybe it's the bin you use for your cleaning supplies under your cabinet. Maybe it's a box of random tools and fasteners lurking in your garage.

Identify and target one small storage spot you're going to tackle this weekend, and then follow the four simple steps below to a cleaner, more functional storage spot today:

1. Take everything out
We mean everything. Empty that drawer, basket, shelf or tray of all its contents. Swipe clean the interior of the storage space. Then survey your pile.

2. Move out or throw away what you can
Divide your pile into three: 1) Stuff that's in the wrong spot that you can move to the correct spot in your home 2) Stuff that needs to be thrown away 3) Stuff you're going to put back into your storage spot.

3. Look at what you have left to decide what tools you need
After tossing your throw-away pile and moving the other pile's contents to where it belongs, look at what you have left, and decide if there are any organizing tools that might help keep this spot more organized in the future. From dividers in drawers to lazy Susans to risers and more, there are all kinds of tools you can buy or make to maximize the storage in a small spot.

4. Implement and organize
Spend some time implementing any tools you identified as being useful and add your remaining items back into your storage space.

Enjoy! You've now made your home a tiny bit better this weekend by just tackling a small spot!

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