This Weekend: Use Your Home to Kick-start Your Creativity

This Weekend: Use Your Home to Kick-start Your Creativity

Adrienne Breaux
Feb 15, 2014
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It doesn't matter how creativity applies to your life — dancing, business plan writing, parenting — it's a vital puzzle piece to living (and not just existing). But creativity can sometimes feel just out of reach when we get busy with to-do lists, exhausted at the end of each day. Working on cultivating creativity is important, though, and we may have found some ways your home can help.

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1. Consider a lighting adjustment
There was a German study recently that concluded dim light sparked creativity. The idea was darker spaces encourage more freedom; you might be less inhibited than when in a bright room. Will dimming the lights in your home today make you more creative? Maybe. Worth trying to see if helps you? Why not!

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2. Surround yourself with creative color
Color theory is infinitely fascinating, the idea that surrounding yourself with certain colors might affect your mood is something to investigate. On A Year of Productivity, color psychologist Angela Wright leans toward blue and yellow as creative/productive colors. I've heard before that purple's the color for creatives. The point is to find the color you consider to be the most creativity-inducing, and surround yourself with it any way you'd like, whether with art, wall paint, furniture accessories or even just your clothes.

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3. Figure out your "mess" style
For some, creativity can't start until everything's in its place and scrubbed clean. For others, creativity is a messy exploration that involves partially and temporarily dismantling a room's organization. And others are somewhere in between. This Lifehacker post talks about how clutter affects the brain. And I found a lot of inspiration for figuring out how to have a creative mix of items in the home philosophies of the two homeowners in A Day in the Life: Katie & Solomon's California Homestead.

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4. Recreate your creative childhood experiences
For many, childhood was a time of easy creativity and imagination. Visiting activities you used to enjoy then or partially recreating a spot from your childhood that felt particularly creative to you could be a way to spark that in yourself again. Nancy wrote about picking up a creative childhood project again quite eloquently — and the impact making can have on one's mental state — in Meditations on the Joy of Craft. Another alternative? If you have kids, visit their creative spaces for a bit.

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5. Play and experiment in a way that will help you form a creativity habit
All the ideas above are great ways to spark your creativity and help you find that "feeling" of being creative in your home, but if there's one thing I've learned from reading about people whose lives revolve around creativity, it's that they form habits that help them tap into creativity, usually practicing daily so that creativity slowly becomes a part of day-to-day life. How can you translate this to your own life? Folding creativity-boosting activities into your daily home habits. Doing something everyday that you feel is creative, whether it's working on a little bit of an ongoing knitting project, making a piece of art with your kids, baking something delicious in your kitchen, writing in a journal before going to bed or working on DIY home projects bit by bit.

How does your home help you cultivate creativity? Do you try to do something creative everyday? Have you recently discovered a way to tap into your own creativity using your home? Let us know!

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