3 Artists for Prints, Posters & Photography

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Last night I randomly decided to re-arrange my studio apartment. As far as size goes, there is not much you can do when you have this much furniture! However, I have ample wall space, which calls for new artwork. I have various photographs and posters spread around between the living/bedroom space and the kitchen, but I am really considering purchasing or even designing some new work to add to my walls. Three amazing artists/designers I’d like to draw attention and pay homage to are Sugarboo Designs, Nan Lawson and The Poster List.

Images 1-5 by Sugarboo Designs. Artist Rebecca Puig and her husband Rick, created Sugarboo Designs to design thoughtful, sentimental, handmade pieces that warm your home. I love how simply she uses words across a blank canvas or how she paints over raw wood frames. Each frame is so nostalgic and perfect for any collage of artwork on the wall.

Images 6-10 by Nan Lawson. Nan creates clever, quirky drawings and colorful portraits of friends and movie characters. Also, some of my favorite drawings of hers are those of random objects around the house like a fan or typewriter. She also accepts commissions for custom portraits! What an excellent Holiday gift.

Images 11-15 by The Poster List. A design team of artists from Long Beach, bring a mixture of photography, silk screen, illustration and digital art for these creative and fun posters. Some of their most recognizable is their interpretation of “Keep Calm and Carry On”, which they offer a rock and roll version “Keep Calm and Rock On”. They are sold on line as single prints and can be purchased framed.