Three Great New Cell Phones: From Cute to Sleek

Three Great New Cell Phones: From Cute to Sleek

Range Govindan
Dec 1, 2008

New cell phones are always nice. New cell phone concepts give us ideas on where the technology will go next. Someone actually has been wondering how to help visually impaired people use an iPhone. Others have been coming up with cute phones for kids and Japanese schoolgirls. In this post, we're featuring three different phones. Technically, there is only one concept phone, one incredibly smart attachment to a phone and one PMP player, but the devices are all very close to being straight out phones.

Cowon S9
The Cowon S9 isn't really a cell phone, but it's the type of thing that we wish was a cell phone. It's actually a portable media player and comes in a sleek, curved, black body. There is a 3.3" AMOLED (Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode) touchscreen display, that promises to show 16 million colors. The little device has a 500Mhz dual core CPU, Bluetooth, an FM radio, voice recorder, dictionary, USB, TV out and tilt sensors. From what we've read, it's pretty sure that it has WiFi. It wouldn't make sense otherwise. It can also receive a TV signal of some sort, via a network. Technically, you could use this as a Skype-like phone when you are in a wireless network, which is pretty cool. [via Yanko Design]

iPhone for the Blind
The iPhone is great, but anyone who's visually impaired cannot partake in its awesomeness. That's why Bruno Fosi came up with this alternative, for all visually impaired people. This Silicon Touch iPhone case works in tandem with an app to allow special accessibility functions like text to speech and moon type tactile feedback. The case is engraved with icons that are like the iPhone icons we are all familiar with. All of the multi-touch goodness is also left intact, which is pretty sweet. [via Yanko Design]

Super Kawaii
This is a concept phone with not a lot of buttons, but with a camera, color screen and a slider-type functionality. It's hard to describe and its shape is atypical, but we've been assured that many will think it a cute phone. Funnily, the Japanese word Kawaii implies cuteness. Apparently there is a whole counter culture fostering Kawaii style. This concept phone is made by Joseph Liang. We find the shape intriguing and wonder what exact functions it will have. [via Yanko Design]

Two New Cell Phone Concepts
Steampunk Cell Phone

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