Three of Our Favorite Time Management Solutions

Three of Our Favorite Time Management Solutions

Gregory Han
Jan 3, 2011

A popular new year's resolution is the goal of improving scheduling and time management skills, something we've been fine tuning ourselves each and every year because we're admittedly not the super organizational type. Google Calendars, Outlook, TeuxDeux, the old fashioned weekly calendar sheets, we've used them all. But we've finally found one we like the best and that has kept us on track the last few weeks, even during the hectic holiday schedule, alongside a couple stationery solutions.

It was in fact the arrival of the DO IT LIST in our email inbox this morning that inspired us to share about our fav time management and scheduling solutions. The product above is available from Korea, if you're the type who likes to slap sticky notes as reminders (you know who you are), this note set organized by work days offers a fun way to keep tasks on hand and easily removable. At just $6.50, they're not a bad office gift for someone else or for yourself. [via Yanko Design]

Similarly, Los Angeles based POKETO offers Desk-It, a combo note pad weekly schedule and wrist pad, sized nearly perfectly for use with the Apple wireless keyboard. We use the graph paper version here for simple note taking and the occasional doodle while stuck on hold, sometimes cutting them into smaller pieces to stick here or there when we need a physical reminder.

But our absolute favorite planning/scheduling solution is a recent try-before-you-buy purchase: Alarms for OS X. If you like to be regularly reminded of day to day, minute to minute tasks, but in a non-intrusive fashion, you might want to check out this app. In our opinion it's the most elegant and simple to use app throughout the week. Users can set the work hours throughout the day in which reminders operate, alarm sounds, a snooze option allows you to put tasks on hold, syncing with iCal users, and a minimal interface which doesn't overwhelm you in either utility or presentation, since the interface hides away until you hit the menu bar icon to unveil a weekly calendar that only takes up a quarter of the top of your screen.

You can drag and drop practically anything into the window for scheduling purposes, though we primarily just type in simple descriptions to keep us on point, but it's the elegant simplicity of this app that has won us over. After the 14 day trial (okay, we kept using it in demo for an additional week), we loved Alarms so much we didn't hesitate to pay the $15 to make it an official part of our digital and real world life.

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