Remember These 3 Tech Etiquette Habits for the Holidays

Remember These 3 Tech Etiquette Habits for the Holidays

Elizabeth Giorgi
Dec 4, 2012

It's that time of year again: my annual dinner party marathon. Between work and family and friends - I have no less than 10 events in 2 weeks. In order to fully enjoy and appreciate these memorable holiday outings, I thought I'd take a refresher course on proper tech etiquette.

Here's three helpful reminders to ensure you are the life of the party instead of the "jerk who didn't put her cell phone away all night."

1. It's never OK to text and eat. Cooking and hosting is hard work. Don't believe me? Host your family next year. It's a big job. Show your hosts and fellow guests some respect and give them and their meal your undivided attention.

2. A muted phone is not the same as turning your phone off. In our hyper-connected world, asking someone to turn off their phone is like asking them to turn off their mouth. It seems unfathomable. But let's be honest, how many times has someone urgently called you in the middle of a movie or dinner party? New York Times Social Q's Columnist Philip Galanes advises putting your phone away for any social gatherings and checking it once mid-evening if you must.

3. Keep it to yourself. There is nothing ruder, more irritating or harmful than an ambiguous tweet or Facebook post about "the most annoying gathering ever" - on the eve of an event. The host is almost sure to see it and if they don't - it's a guarantee someone else in your social circle will pass it along. Be kind. Be gracious. If something happened you wish to clarify or resolve, call the host the day after the event and discuss it privately.

(Photo Credit: Jon Curnow and Jhaymesisviphotography via Flickr's Creative Commons)

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