This TikToker’s “Thrifty” Hack Gives a Boring Tissue Box a Luxe Upgrade

published Jan 15, 2024
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women hand picking napkin tissue paper from the tissue box
Credit: Busra Ispir/Shutterstock

Although tissue companies try to make their products stylish by printing more modern designs on their cardboard boxes, tissues are far from the focal point of your coffee table or vanity. But one Instagram user is here to change your mind about tissues being an eyesore. Sarah Teresinski from the @redeux_style Instagram account figured out a way to beautify her tissues: by using pieces of glassware from the thrift store.

To nail this home decor hack, Teresinski suggests using tissues that come in cube-shaped boxes rather than rectangular boxes. The existing fold will help you better fit the tissues into their new vessel and the tissues will pull out more easily than they would if they came from a rectangular box.

“I like dishes that have a little bit smaller of an opening at the top,” she said in her Instagram video. She found a vintage fairy lamp at a secondhand shop that works perfectly for this project, but you can also use any vase that has a smaller opening at the top.

“Take your tissue box [and] open it up on the side,” Teresinski says. “And of course, after I get these [boxes] all broken down, I love to take a pair of scissors and chop them up and you can use them as tags for gifts. So you’re definitely not wasting the Kleenex boxes.”

Remove the wadded tissues from the box and transfer them into their new vessel. She continues, “The key is to roll it and turn it on its side a little, and then [once it’s in the vase] bring it back straight just like it was in the tissue container.”

“It may be a little funky getting the first one out,” Teresinski notes. “But after that, they should roll out fine.” If you have a smaller container that won’t fit the entire bundle of tissues, you can just divide the tissue stack in half and only put however many will fit into that vase and put the others in another container. 

“I hate tissue boxes, so I LOVE this idea,” one commenter wrote. “Great idea for gift cards too.” And another person added, “O-M-G,*mind blown* I have to do this!”

Your tissues may just become the star of your bathroom after you move them into a new home. Say goodbye to those boring (and yes, ugly!) cardboard tissue boxes for good.