Thursday Giveaway Winner: Eureka envirovac

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Congratulations, lynderae1, you’ve been chosen as our Thursday giveaway winner. Here’s lynderae1’s description of the worst mess they’ve ever had to clean up after:

“One of the biggest messes I ever made was in my first apt. I was making (or trying) to make deviled eggs for a party. The largest pan I had was actually not a pan at all. It was glass bakeware. I filled it with water, put in the eggs, covered it & turned it on high. About 12 min. later I thought a bomb went off in my kitchen. Glass, semi-hard boiled eggs, & shells everywhere. I used the broom, vacuum, mop, towels, cleaner & not just once-but many times over to get this disaster cleaned up. I found glass for months-ahhh it was a true mess! & I am now an expert hard boiled egg maker.”

Congrats lynderae1, your Eureka envirovac will be shipped out in the coming days to help you with any future messy disasters. Thanks to everyone for participating in the giveaway.