Thursday Giveaway Winner: Nate Williams Pillows

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Congratulations to AT reader, Sarahbstyling, who was randomly chosen as the winner of two Nate Williams Pillows from over three hundred entries from last week’s Apartment Therapy LA Thursday Giveaway. Sarah’s entry included her description of what makes life beautiful in her home:

“What makes life beautiful in my home? Let’s see…playing records on an old Fischer Price briefcase record player – it makes the music sound a bit scratchy and far away and altogether wonderful. A black lab whose eyes are constantly saying, ‘nothing you have to do is as important as snuggling me, so what do you say…let’s spoon.’ A collection of antique cameras and a/v equipment – each piece has such a stunning silhouette. Only having as much space and as many things as you have place to appreciate on any given day. Because it’s not about how many toys you have when you die, but how you enjoy them when you are alive that really matters.”