This Popular Pinterest Trick Makes Storing Extra Toilet Paper More Fun

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Why is bathroom storage so tricky to master? Your bathroom is one of the smallest rooms in your home—especially if you live in a tiny apartment—and needs to store toiletries, makeup, personal care items, and more. Don’t even get us started on spare towels, tissues, and toilet paper. It feels like all the bathroom storage space in the world will never be enough. But this one Pinterest trick can at least free up a little room while also making your bathroom look cute. Introducing: the tic tac toe toilet paper holder.

If you search “toilet paper holder” on Pinterest, some truly wild and imaginative items pop up that range from practical to subtle to over-the-top. But our favorite, hands down, is the tic tac toe toilet paper holder. It’s a 9×9 grid you mount on the bathroom wall that serves as a giant tic tac toe gameboard but also stores extra toilet paper rolls.

If you’re feeling crafty, you could DIY a grid and fashion some Xs for gameplay yourself. (The toilet paper rolls serve as the Os.) Or, you can buy a pre-made one online. This tic tac toe toilet paper holder is a bestseller on Etsy, and you can fully customize the color of the wood stain and the color of the Xs to match your bathroom.

We may still need some assistance storing all of our skincare products and makeup samples, but at least we freed up some space under the sink. Now, if only a larger version of this existed for our spare paper towels.