This Handy Laundry Gadget Prevents Messes and Will Make Your Life so Much Easier

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Let’s talk about doing laundry for a moment. More specifically, let’s talk about laundry detergent. We like buying laundry detergent in bulk—we’re talking the biiig bottles with the spouts. It saves us a few bucks and it means we don’t have to restock as often. But we don’t love the mess that comes with using the big bottles. Tipping those things over to dispense detergent and trying to measure a precise amount should be an Olympic sport. And even if you use the spout, it still drips on the floor and makes a mess, which makes you wonder if you should give up and go back to the smaller bottles. But now, thanks to the Tidy Cup, all of your detergent troubles are solved. It’s the greatest laundry hack of all.

The Tidy Cup is a platform that attaches to economy-sized detergent container spouts and holds your detergent cup for easy dispensing. Once you attach the Tidy Cup to your bottle, just place the cup under the spout, press the button to dispense the liquid, pour it into the washer, and place the cup back on the holder. No drips, no messes, no sticky hands, and no paper towels required.

Is getting a few drops of detergent on the floor the end of the world? No. But now that we’ve discovered a solution, we’re jumping for joy. You can use the Tidy Cup for both laundry detergent and fabric softener.

“Holds the cup, catches drips, and I just rinse it out between bottles so it doesn’t get too gross,” one five-star review reads. “And now I don’t have to buy laundry detergent as often!”

“It is working beautifully and I am delighted to not have to try to lift the heavy bottle,” another five-star review reads.

Some reviewers were frustrated that the cup didn’t stay in place on the platform, but others chimed in to say that’s a simple user misunderstanding. Be sure to install the platform with the grid facing up and you’ll be good to go. If you’re still having issues getting the cup to stay in place, other reviewers recommend using toothpicks to keep it still or adding a piece of Velcro for a bit more sturdiness.

Now get out there and buy those big detergent bottles to your heart’s content.