Tiered Pendant Lamp from West Elm

(Welcome to new blogger Daniel! He’s an interior designer with an eye for the cool find among both the cheaper and the more pricey shops. He’s snooping the city and sending in posts whenever something catches his eye.)

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

In city apartments, lighting is of the utmost importance, but nicely designed and noteworthy fixtures are expensive! That’s why my find comes from our friends over at West Elm.

Inspired by Louis Poulsen‘s well-known lamps, the “Tiered Pendant Lamp” ($69) fits the bill for modern interiors with an eclectic spin. The cloth shade (20″ diameter) comes in both white and flax and is sold with the socket, 15′ cord and cord mounted switch. Consider using this fixture over a dining table, hung as a bedside lamp, or any dark corner that needs a pick-me-up with light and pattern. – Daniel B.