You Can Decorate the Christmas Tree Without Any “Real” Ornaments, Thanks to This Genius TikTok Hack

updated Dec 10, 2020
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Finding the perfect holiday ornaments can be tough without even mentioning the many inherent hazards that exist once you get ‘em on the tree—namely the possibility of kids and/or pets knocking them down, potentially ruining those gorgeous glass ornaments you love so much. Enter this TikTok hack, which eliminates traditional ornaments altogether in favor of balloons (yes, really) to dress up your tree in style.

TikTok user @chloeduya recently shared her genius ornament hack, revealing that she couldn’t find the large white ornaments she’d been searching for, so she tried an unconventional method to get the same effect, blowing up a bunch of white balloons and placing them scattered throughout her tree to cover those sparse spots in need of a little festivity.

Though they’re not completely hazard-free (because, you know, balloons can still pop if a pine needle catches them at just the right spot, or deflate, or fall off the tree, or get swatted by a curious cat or pup), it also eliminates having to remove and store dozens of glass or plastic ornaments once the holidays are over. But for a super budget-friendly decorating tip, you can try just about any color or balloon design you like, adding spray paint or glitter spray for extra sparkle.

Viewers came to the comments section with some equally helpful tips to prolong the life of your new DIY ornaments, with some recommending spraying each balloon with hairspray or adhesive spray for added protection. It’s proof that all those leftover birthday balloons don’t have to go to waste or remain in storage until it’s finally safe to celebrate and have parties once again.