TikTok’s “Her Place vs His Place” Trend Is Putting Dirty Habits On Blast

published Oct 17, 2020
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Credit: Amy Covington/Stocksy

For most people, coming over to their boyfriend’s place to hang out is something to look forward to. But for neat freaks, the experience could be their worst nightmare.

A new trend on TikTok, called “Her Place vs His Place,” is pitting girlfriends and boyfriends against each other by comparing the cleanliness of their respective apartments. If you’re to judge based on stereotypes (which you shouldn’t), you can already guess which gender has the dirtier living spaces.

The challenge went viral after TikTok user @madelynkruger shared a video of her waving goodbye to her tidy bedroom before transitioning to a view of her boyfriend’s place. The difference is huge. The floor is filthy, there is trash everywhere, and the bathroom is covered in gunk and grime. The video shows him unbothered by the mess.

Other girlfriends soon followed, sharing clips of near-empty fridges, sinks littered with facial hair, and smelly towels, all set to “It’s the Hard Knock Life” from “Annie”.

The messy folks should note that equitable housework can result in more sex, because of course, clean grout is a turn on (and clutter is distracting).

Unsurprisingly, people started giving relationship advice. “Ladies, if you stay with that man and move in with him PLEASE expect him to live the same exact way and do not be surprised when you’re the only one cleaning toilets!” one person said in BuzzFeed’s comments section, while another added: “Yeah, I’m not a tidy person myself… but a spatula in the bathroom sink?”

If your partner has habits like these, you might be able to use a cleaning app) without starting a fight about it.