TikTok Claims This Sofa Placement Reveals If You’re “Rich” or Not

published Jan 28, 2024
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TikTok sparks plenty of hilarious debates, and the latest might just have you scratching your head in mild confusion, as well as chuckling at the silliness of it all. The latest one is a take on the “quiet luxury” and wealth-themed trends.

Apparently, some content creators believe that a sure sign of wealth in someone’s home is if their couch “doesn’t touch the wall,” because their living spaces are just so, well, spacious that they can comfortably place them towards the center of the room without being a hindrance or annoyance.

The theory first made the viral rounds back in 2022, but it still has a chokehold on social media as people continue to jokingly show off the slim amount of space between their sofas and their walls. In fact, some commenters joke that they’re “so rich” they “don’t even have a couch,” while others agree enthusiastically with the theory, adding, “True facts. I moved my couch to the middle of the room and found $4 million hiding in the corner.” One person even joked: “Mine touches the wall, but only in the country house, not the city apartment.”

All jokes aside, it is worth pointing out that what you buy for your home — or where you place it, for that matter — has no bearing on your inherent value or worthiness. What you choose to show off or how you choose to display it is perfect because it represents you, your style, and your space, and that’s so special.

And that’s without mentioning the fact that in some apartments and/or small spaces you truly don’t have all that many options for where a couch might fit, so you have to work with your space. However you decorate within your own four walls is unique to you, and there’s nothing better than that … no matter how TikTok might try and convince you otherwise.