This Charming Veterinarian Is Answering All Your Pet Questions on TikTok

updated Nov 17, 2020
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Whether you’ve recently become a pet parent due to the coronavirus pandemic or you’re an old pro by now, you probably have more than a few questions about your furry friend. Dr. Hunter Finn, a Texas-based veterinarian, is going viral on TikTok, and it’s all because of his super charming, endlessly informative videos in which he answers some of your most pressing pet questions.

Dr. Finn has been gracing the viral video app by sharing his adventures with his own pooches, as well as the pets he treats in his office in Arlington, Texas. He’s also answering some of the questions you’ve never even thought to search on Google, like that dogs and cats actually have three eyelids, with the extra known as an inner eyelid. (Who knew?)

Among the topics he tackles: the myth that dogs only see in black and white (apparently they can see limited colors, like humans that are colorblind to shades of red and green), why dogs eat grass (no, it’s not because they’re ill—it’s simply an evolutionary trait), and why their noses are wet, which apparently helps both their sense of smell and helps them cool down.

He also shares important safety tips. He revealed that ice is a perfectly safe treat for your pup, as long as you make sure they don’t bite too hard and chip a tooth as they chomp. However, some treats aren’t safe, including grapes/raisins, caffeine (including chocolate and/or coffee), sugar-free items, alcohol, macadamia nuts, and jerky, which might have toxins that could cause kidney issues in your four-legged friend.

Since joining TikTok in March, Dr. Finn has garnered a million followers thanks to his helpful tips and advice—because even the most seasoned pet parent can learn a thing or two about their beloved animal pals.