Lux Patterned Tile to Lust After

You can’t get much more luxurious than richly patterned tile. Used on floors, walls, and sometimes even ceilings, these patterns make a space stand out.

  1. Cuban Tropical Tile: Headquartered in Miami, they make all of their cement tile by hand using traditional techniques.
  2. Trend: This Italian company makes recycled glass tile in mesh-backed “wallpaper” patterns. Shown: Platonic Tile from the Academic Wallpaper Collection.
  3. Heath Ceramics: A small California company, they make ceramic dimensional tile that’s hand-glazed, giving it really rich color and variation.
  4. Mosaic House: This New York-based retailer sells Moroccan cement tile in some drop-dead gorgeous patterns.
  5. Novoceram: A French company that specializes in elaborately patterned tiles, Novoceram is known for its romantic wallpaper-like patterns.
  6. Emery and Cie: A European retailer of romantic tile, furniture, and fixtures, Emery and Cie stocks a few striking variations of mirror scale tiles.
  7. Ann Sacks: Owned by Wisconsin-based Kohler, this company has a huge range of collections by famous and lesser-known designers. Shown: Abyssinian Dimensional Tile.
  8. Fillmore Clark: Located in West Hollywood, California, this small business is owned and operated by Lee Nicholson, a woman committed to championing handcrafted, locally made tiles. Shown: Encaustic Tiles from the Patterson Collection.
  9. Granada Tile: This tile shop derives its name from the city of Granada in Nicaragua. Their cement tiles are hand-poured and painted. Shown: Echo Collection.
  10. Bisazza: This Italian company does a ton of high-profile architectural projects, and their Mosaico Collection is used in luxury spas, hotels, and homes around the world.