Tiled Living Rooms & Bedrooms from Novoceram

The idea of a tiled living room might seem too cold, too modern, or too dorm-like, but ever since our last trip to Europe (when we visited this amazing tiled apartment) we’ve been all for bringing tile out of the bathroom. In the right type of space, it can be a really rich addition, and it has some definite benefits.

Tile floors and walls provide a huge range of color choices, they’re easy to clean, and you can even get them in patterns that mimic wallpaper or wood. Their durability is also a bit of a drawback—unless you want to do some serious renovating, tile doesn’t offer the flexibility of wallpaper or paintable wood.

These photos from French ceramic tile company Novoceram indicate the range of colors and styles that European tile-makers are exploring. You can buy tile in anything from toile to teak, but we’re most attracted by the simple, timeless styles—gray or neutral flooring would be the way we’d go, and we’d add a few rugs for a more layered look.

What about you? Would you ever tile your living room or bedroom?