Time Magazine’s Global Warming Survival Guide

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

ATers are on the right track. A recent article in Time Magazine listed 51 things we can each do to live more sustainably, and we were pleased to discover that quite a few items on the list come hand in hand with our kind of living.

Check out the highlights after the jump…

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#6: Ditch the Mansion
• Remember the Smallest Coolest Contest?

#7: Hang Up a Clothes Line
Green Laundry — we’re all over it

#17: Open a Window
• Better yet if it converts to a balcony, like when we slinked the Bloomframe

#24: Just Say No to Plastic Bags
• Here’s our top 10 ways to reuse them

#26: Plant a Bamboo Fence
• You asked where to get one: Good Questions: Green Fence