Time Out Chicago’s Home Decor 2009

Time Out‘s Home Decor issue is out, and in it you’ll find numerous ideas that reaffirm some favorite efficient, space-saving features of city living. The closet-turned-office trick of Jason and Michael is shown, alongside other essentials like kitchen cooking/storage solutions and working with teeny, tiny bathrooms…

Shown above:
1 Brad and Sarah turned their small, unforgiving living room into a well-used dining space. “Then they furnished their biggest bedroom with a sofa, chairs and stereo. The effect: a spacious dining room and cozy sitting room, both perfect for entertaining.”
2 Jason and Michael’s closet-turned-office
3 Andrea (a food blog writer) “added surface and storage on the cheap by piecing together salvaged remnants.”
4 Laura and Patrick size up a tiny loo with vertical stripes (in Benjamin Moore’s Agave and Grasshopper).
5 Terri and Serena wanted a big, gorgeous vintage piece, but it was out of their budget. So they asked a friend to build one using IKEA Broder brackets and fittings for $1,000, including labor and materials.

Images: Jill Paider for TOC