Time to Tune-Up: AC Tips for the Summer Heat

Time to Tune-Up: AC Tips for the Summer Heat

Micki Howl
Jun 9, 2011

We had our first day of 100 degree temps in Dallas this week, and I came home to an 89 degree house and a malfunctioning air conditioning unit. I made the mistake of not being proactive and tuning up my AC before demanding it to operate at its capacity.

Luckily, it was not a major issue but something that could have been completely avoided if I had tuned it up prior to the sweltering heat. I'm not an AC expert, but thought it would be helpful to share a few tips that I learned from my recent AC repair visit.

1. I learned that my filter needs to be changed more often than the recommended once every three months. I live in an older house (originally built in 1940's) which means more dust is circulating through the filter system. Changing the filter is key because the filter had become so dirty that it had caused my AC unit to malfunction. Keep an eye on the filter and make sure you replace it often!

2. Clean your exterior vent and make sure nothing is blocking the filter. I've learned that the hose attachment on my Dyson does the trick.

3. If your AC is not working properly, check for ice first; the AC Evaporator coil may have iced over. If this is the case, shut your cooling off and turn on the heat, which will defrost the coil. A frozen coil can be caused by insufficient ventilation (a clogged filter!).

Here's to staying cool this summer!

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