9 Wallpaper Ideas You Actually Won’t Get Sick of

published Sep 13, 2019
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Wallpaper sometimes gets a bad rap for being stuffy and old-fashioned, but it definitely doesn’t have to be! Print designers, illustrators, and interior designers are bucking tradition and playing with paper in fresh new ways. Here are nine of our favorite wallpaper ideas to bump up the personality in any room.

Get cheeky

The neutral palette of this vintage ’40s wallpaper makes it easy on the eyes and it’ll have guests doing a double take once they notice the leggy flamingos. Don’t be afraid to have some fun with your choice!

Start from the top

Ceilings are a great canvas for wallpaper—having a high focal point can trick the eye into making your space feel taller. While this office makeover would have been beautiful in its own right, the wallpaper choice elevated it to a whole new level.

Or bring it back down

Conversely, you can make your space feel cozier with a soft, layered print that cascades gently from the ceiling line for a comforting, embracing effect.

Make it interesting

MuralsWallpaper has an amazing collection of educational wallpapers. And while this one would be perfect for a kid’s room, you could use it anywhere to add some playfulness. You notice something new every time you look at it! Plus, the matte black look of chalkboard has a distinct modern feel, no?

Consider subtle stripes

Use simple stripes to guide the eye and accent your room’s lines. Here, alternating line widths highlight this bedroom’s height and dramatic, sloped ceiling.

Choose a modern motif

Give classic patterns a twist with updated shapes and color schemes.

Coordinate with your furniture

Demonstrate the intentionality of your choice by matching it with other room items.

Experiment with scale

Juxtapose style choices like color or scale to really let patterns play off of each other. Above, classic penny round tiles with black grout and a black and white hand print match in tone but contrast in scale to beautiful effect.

Theme it to your room

In the bathroom, Emily’s koi wallpaper is whimsical and classic, fun and elegant at the same time.