Time-Saving Tip: How To Quickly Dry a Load of Laundry

updated May 4, 2019
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(Image credit: Bethany Nauert)

Doing laundry is a time-consuming and never-ending chore. But since it is a necessary evil, the only solution is to find ways to make the job easier and faster. This summer, I seem to be doing laundry more frequently, with smaller loads, and yet those smaller loads seem to take as much time to dry as my larger loads, even when set to the same exact settings. Boggled by this reoccurring conundrum, I asked my grandmother for her sage advice. Lo and behold, she had a trick…

Adding a dry towel to the dryer with your clothes can significantly cut back on drying time! By doing so, the dry towel will absorb extra moisture from your clothes. Who knew?

For this trick to actually work, you’ll need to remove the dry towel after twenty minutes of drying or it will help contribute extra moisture, possibly even lengthening drying time. So next time you’re running late and waiting for your favorite jeans to dry, remember to just add a towel!