Tiny Gifts, Hidden In Plain Sight: HingeHeads

Tiny Gifts, Hidden In Plain Sight: HingeHeads

Tess Wilson
Jul 18, 2011

When I stay with loved ones, I like to hide little presents for them to find after my departure. Some they'll find as soon as they open the fridge, and some might remain hidden for weeks. Either way, they'll know I'm thinking of them, and looking forward to our next visit. I'm sorely tempted to install a HingeHead on the sly sometime, if I can find the perfect one for the perfect host …

HingeHeads were featured last week on Design*Sponge, and I love the point Grace Bonney makes about how "they're the sorts of wacky details that appear in older New York homes". As someone who grew up in a very old house, in a city full of very old buildings (Chicago), my new-ish, very bland apartment building makes me long for quirky old details. And wood, and metal. These little handmade metal finials are exactly the sort of thing that I would expect to find in my parents' 120-year old house.

I love hiding presents, for Valentine's Day or any day, so what's exciting about the HingeHeads is that since they're tiny and attach to door hinges magnetically, you could easily & secretly install one in a friend's home. They might notice it right away, or it might take months! And they might instantly know it was from you, or they might wonder if it's been there all along. Now, tiny pewter swans are not everybody's cup of tea, but this is where knowing your friend comes in handy. There are people who would be thrilled to find a teeny fleur-de-lis in their home, and there are people who definitely would not, so you have to know which type of person your friend is. I have a host in mind who I think would appreciate stumbling upon one of these, but I can't find animal I'm looking for, at least not yet…

Would you be excited to find a little present hidden on your door's hardware? Or just a bottle of Champagne in the fridge, please?!

Image: HingeHeads, via Design*Sponge

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