A DIY Reno of This 200-Square-Foot RV Only Cost $2,000

updated Apr 29, 2019

A DIY Reno of This 200-Square-Foot RV Only Cost $2,000

updated Apr 29, 2019
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Name: Jacqueline Sarah, my fiancé Joshua Zeolla, and our 5-year-old son.
Location: Currently in Greenville, South Carolina
Size: 200 square feet
Years Lived In: 8 months, owned

There’s so much to love about our tiny home. What I personally love the most is that the space truly uniquely represents my family and I. There’s a master bedroom that feels like our own little oasis, and a bunk/bunk room we created for our son so he too could feel like he had a space of his own. We made our space as functional as possible, while still allowing it to truly feel like home. We took out the giant dinette and leather sofa bed that came with the RV and replaced it with pieces we felt better suited the space and our family. I love having a unique home, though living in an RV is gaining popularity by the day, it still feels pretty cool to be doing something out of the “norm.”

We ultimately decided to live tiny and find our RV because we were sick of overpaying in rent to an apartment we were never going to own. The rent back home in Massachusetts for a two-bedroom was higher than your average mortgage payment! We figured it made much more sense to get a sweet camper that we could travel in and make our own! Moving into our RV was definitely one of the best decisions we have made yet. It has helped shift our perspective on so much and has definitely changed our lives for the better.

Apartment Therapy Survey:

My Style: It’s hard to really pinpoint my style because I feel like it’s forever changing, but I’d say boho/eclectic with a flare of mid-century modern and a love for the details and charm of vintage pieces.

Inspiration: I am inspired on the daily by my fiancé, friends on Instagram, interior design blogs, and Pinterest.

Favorite Element: This is a toss up. Either our 1930s vintage table that Josh scored from the side of the road, or our peachy pink antique bookcase that adds such a nice pop of color while housing most of our plants!

Biggest Challenge: Trying to decorate such a small space without compromising my style. Picking out pieces that would fit and not make the space feel too cluttered was also such a challenge. I used to have a tendency to want to always have the newest, trendiest items. Now, I’m much more intentional with my purchases. I always ask myself, would you buy this again? And if so, could this piece work in more than one space of our home? Doing this allows me to have the versatility to move around things when I feel bored with a space without having to go out and buy new items.

Proudest DIY: The entire RV! We didn’t use any contractors or outside help. Everything done to the interior was either done by my fiancé Josh, or by me. We had no previous experience with remodels and kind of just went with it. The fact that we did it (and did it well if I do say so myself) is such a huge accomplishment!

Biggest Indulgence: I honestly don’t think we spent too much on anything inside the RV. We did our entire renovation under $2,000. I would honestly say my biggest indulgence is my growing plant collection.

Best Advice: Just go for it! Nothing is impossible if you set your mind to it. If living tiny is something you’re serious about, you just need to let go of all the excuses holding you back and dive in! It’s all too often I have people say to me that they too wish they could join this lifestyle, but they couldn’t live without “xyz.” I’m here to tell you that you can. Sure, it might take some adjusting and getting used to, but it’s totally worth it in the end.

What’s your best home secret? In order to live tiny, and do it well—efficiency is key. Organization is key—and less is more! The less you bring in, the less clutter/mess you have! One of my all-time favorite organization tips is, keep extra space in cabinets/drawers/pantry. This way you have room to add things as needed, but also so you can feel less overwhelmed when looking for something!


Beyond Paint — Bright White

Loveseat Sofa — Overstock
Black and White Mudcloth Pillow —Etsy
Amaro Stripe Pillow — Woven Nook
Faux Leather Amaro Pillow — Woven Nook
Throw — Thrifted
Triangle Side Table — Urban Outfitters
Baby Blue Eucalyptus Watercolor Artwork — Society6
Macrame Plant Hanger — Ket Mercantile
Flooring — Wallpops
Faux Wooden Blinds — Home Depot

Table — Thrifted
Bar Stools — IKEA
Weave Chair — Poly and Bark
Vintage Bookshelf — Thrifted
Rainbow Wall Weaving — Etsy
Cool to Be Kind Art Print — Society6
Flooring — Wallpops
Faux Wooden Blinds — Home Depot

Backsplash — B Darling Decor
Cabinet Hardware — Amazon
Cutting Board — Etsy
Key Hooks — Home Depot
Mugs — Anthropologie
Hand Towel — Mae Woven
Wall Bar Organizer — IKEA

Bed Linens — Brooklinen
Wardrobe Hardware — Amazon
Letterpress: If There’s Love in a House Print — The Bee and the Fox
Wall Shelf — Target

Mirror — Target
Mirror Shelf — Hobby Lobby
Backsplash — The Smart Tiles
Sink Faucet — Amazon
Wall Hooks — Target
Bathroom Vanity — Lowes
“How Many Plants is Enough Plants” Art Print — Society6
Shower Curtain — Urban Outfitters
Macrame Plant Hanger — Etsy
Boobies Art Print — Etsy
Shelves — DIY by Josh
Turkish Towels — Mae Woven

Thanks, Jacqueline!

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