This Viral Two-Story Tiny Home in Maine Is a Dream Come True

published Dec 27, 2023
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Whether you’re interested in living a minimalist lifestyle in the new year or downsizing your current living situation, there’s something extremely appealing about tiny homes. Somehow, every essential in your kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom is able to squeeze into a small space, and it can often save you some money. If you’ve found yourself binge-watching YouTube videos about the tiny house lifestyle, then you’ll enjoy seeing this turquoise tiny home in the northeast.

On TikTok, Margaret Skiff gave a tour of her younger sister’s two-story tiny home, and you’ll be impressed with how much it fits in such a small space. According to Skiff, the home is located on her mom’s property in Maine, and there’s even an outdoor shower on the side of the house. 

Once you enter, the living room greets guests upon arrival with a bench that doubles as storage. With a row of cozy matching pillows and flat blue cushions, the wooden bench appears to be a fine replacement for a couch. In order to save space, a built-in side table near the bench is collapsible and a projector screen is hidden until it’s ready to be used. 

Because electricity and insulation are two of the main concerns (along with plumbing) when it comes to living in a tiny home, Skiff ensures that there’s no worry about being too cold with a space heater and electric fireplace. She has two different water sources in the kitchen for hygiene purposes and to consume water, as it’s not hooked up to the house. Besides a small kitchen sink and counter, there’s plenty of storage, a mini refrigerator, bar cart, and hot plate. If you think about it, these are all the essentials you would need in a kitchen (minus an oven), but Skiff said that larger dishes are usually cooked in the main house.

The bathroom is currently being remodeled, so the space is mainly used for storage. As Skiff walks up the small set of stairs, you can immediately see the bedroom, which is primarily filled by a king-sized bed. Although there’s a television in the room, Skiff says that the view from the top floor’s window might take more of your attention. 

After watching this video multiple times, you might be convinced to start looking at tiny home assembly kits from Walmart or The Home Depot.