These Rugged Tiny Cabins Are Your Perfect Desert Vacation Destination

published Jun 12, 2018
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As technology evolves, the constant struggle to disconnect from our fast-paced, device-laden lives becomes more of a challenge. For that reason, desert escapes like Cohesion Studio‘s tiny steel cabins near the northern border of Joshua Tree National Park have become increasingly appealing.

Clad in rustic weathered steel that blend perfectly with the surrounding landscape, Folly Cabins are the result of an architectural collaboration between designer Malek Alqadi and Hillary Flur. The solar-powered property is comprised of two structures that Alqadi and Flur built using materials from a single-story home that previously occupied the property.

In stark contrast to its rugged exterior, the interior of the remote dwellings are sleek and modern. The main cabin features high ceilings with solar-powered skylights that allow heat to permeate the space. The 460-square-foot space also contains communal living and dining areas, a kitchen, loft and a bathroom. Inside the smaller cabin, the designers kicked the cozy element up a notch by including a heated queen-size bed for those cold desert nights, a bioethanol fireplace, a movie projector, a mini-fridge, and perhaps the most special feature of all – a terrace that functions as a stargazing portal for occupants to get an unobstructed view of the night sky.

Additionally, the cabins have an exterior deck with fire pits and a greywater recycling system that includes an outdoor rain shower and tub connected. While the cabins function completely off the grid, they also include modern amenities like wi-fi access (though you should probably try to unplug a little).

Of its approach to design, Cohesion Studio writes:

Architecture has to deal with today’s challenges not in vague utopian theories, rather, embraces the possible from the pragmatic. Like a form of alchemy, Cohesion can address these multi-layered problems through its adherence to contextual, environmental and social problems.

Folly Cabins are now available for rent. Check out their website for availability and pricing.

h/t Inhabitat