Tiny House Fever Hits the Olympics

published Dec 16, 2016
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Finding a place to crash during the Olympics may not be the easiest task, unless you happen to be part of the games or know someone in the host city who’s willing to let you couch surf for the duration of the festivities. Does either of those scenarios apply to you? If so, congratulations, you lucky son of a gun (and yes, we are totally jealous).

However, for anyone else who plans on booking suitable accommodations in the vicinity of the Winter games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, this eco-friendly tiny house will host visitors for the 2018 Olympics.

Don’t be deterred by the idea of getting extremely up close and personal with your bunkmates, though: Located in Gangneung area, the humble home known as the “Tiny House of Slow Town” obviously prioritizes eco-consciousness over spaciousness, but the designers didn’t skimp on the style or comfort.

Constructed with modular materials, the home’s main living space is a sparse 213 square feet, but the wood-paneled interior is gorgeous nonetheless. The area’s two large windows allow for plenty of natural light and serene views. The home also includes a bathroom, a kitchenette and an alternating tread staircase that leads to a cozy loft that looks so welcoming it’s practically calling us to come up and take a catnap.

Fortunately, this won’t be the only sustainable tiny house on the other side of the world to accommodate Winter Olympic visitors during the games. The “Slow Town” abode will soon be joined by other small wooden homes to help ensure that the community remains environmentally sound long after the flood of tourists have come and gone.